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Playwrights’ Center


January 26 @ 7:00 pm 8:30 pm CST

bayou is (chronologically) the first play in a series that explores relationships between community members, between generations, and between the village and Mother Bayou. It begins when the high priestess, Cove, finds herself in a precarious situation after she and fellow villagers go on a pilgrimage following a stream they believe to be a manifestation of their deity, the Sweet Goddess of Rivers and Rain. It turns out, the stream is actually Sweet Goddess’s daughter, Little Goddess, a young deity who wants to strike out on her own and has no interest in or allegiance to her new worshippers.

From AriDy

bayou is exploring how music could function within a play as a dramaturgical device, but also about divinity and what it means to be divine and what it means for divinity to be communal. I am so excited to explore how the show works in In the Lab, how it feels to play in this world and start really figuring out how to get it on its feet.

AriDy Nox

The playwright
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based inBrooklyn, NY
AriDy Nox is a multi-disciplinary black femme storyteller and social activist with a variety of forward-thinking creative works under her/their belt including the historical reimagining of the life of Sally Hemmings BLACK GIRL IN PARIS (2020), the ancestral reckoning play A WALLESS CHURCH (2019), the afrofuturist ecopocalypse musical METROPOLIS (2019), and many others. AriDy creates out of the vehement belief that creating a future in which marginalized peoples are free requires a radical imagination. Their tales are offerings intended to function as small parts of an ancient, expansive, awe-inspiring tradition of world-shaping, created by and for black femmes. As a graduate of the Graduate Musical Theatre Writing Program at Tisch School of the Performing Arts at NYU and a beneficiary of the Musical Theatre Factory Inaugural MAKERS cohort, the Emerging Writer’s Group at the Public Theatre, The Civilians’ Research and Development Group, Horizon Theatre’s Black Women Speak Cohort, and the Live and In Color June Bingham commission, they have been inordinately privileged to share the workings of her imagination among a vast array of inspiring and supportive artists of various radical backgrounds throughout the country.

Instagram @aridynox