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Playwrights’ Center


January 12 @ 7:00 pm 8:30 pm CST

How can a gorgeous guy who’s tongue-tied around females get the girl? All he needs are the wily words of a willing friend! Or maybe chat-GPT would be easier, if he can figure out how it works. Through onstage interactions with actual artificial intelligence, Cyranoid offers ways to fathom the Robot Revolution. It might be an advantage to know some code and some Hinduism – or just get swept along in the wow.

From Janaki

I’ve long thought of puppets as good-looking, simple-minded friends. For Cyranoid, I’m eager to explore one of the deeper mythic tropes of puppetry: the fault line between animacy and inanimacy, which is also the divide over which our existential fears about robots play. The figure of Death is an important addition to this version of Cyrano – Death fights Language. But what does that look like and how will it sound in this play?

Janaki Ranpura

The playwright
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based inBrunswick, OH
Ranpura designs performances and events for public space and the stage. A Many Voices fellow at the Playwrights’ Center for three years (2010-14), she is also a member of the City Art Collaboratory, Public Art St Paul’s city planning think tank. Her past work with puppets and street games has been supported by the Henson Foundation, the Jerome Foundation, Forecast Public Art, and Northern Lights, Minnesota. She has produced projects with Pedro Reyes (Art Basel Parcours) and Shadowlight, Larry Reed’s company in San Francisco. She worked on a performance installation about heart surgery as a MacDowell Fellow in 2013. She trained at the Lecoq School in Paris and has a Humanities degree from Yale University, where her thesis work was about how the particularities of space shape narrative.