New York, NY

Colby Poston

He, Him, His

Catching Icarus

     Brett is on a long drive from his home in the Northeast, and has stopped for some coffee and food as he has been driving nonstop all night. His destination? Key West— in order to save his estranged son (Jesse) from his self-destructive behavior. As he sits in the South Carolina Waffle House, he befriends a local wide-eyed college dropout, and an employee lost in an effort to break out of the socioeconomic cycle she was born into, as she strives for her young son grow up a “normal” kid.                                       

     As Brett tries to make sense of his shortcomings as a father, as the two locals empathize through their own lives and experiences. As the play progresses, the nature of parental absolutism is explored through Brett and Jesse, and Brett’s burgeoning understanding of moral relativity is challenged as he accepts uncertainty in the world.


Brett- Male, mid 30s. Traveling from up north. Janelle- Black Female, 30s. Employee in the Waffle House. Jesse- Male, 18. Brett’s only son. Lizz- White female, mid 20s. She is a regular, and local in town.