Pembroke Pines, VA

Alexandr Smith

Yes We Can

Death of a Failsman (audio drama)

Semi-adaptation of Arthur Miller classic: An aging real estate mogul must use his diminishing skills to grab one last deal to help his family avoid financial ruin. Tagline: In prison, no one can hear you covfefe.


Donald Trump* (Willy Loman): 10 scenes, 2500 words Ivanka Trump (Linda) 7 scenes: 1110 words Don Trump Jr. (Biff) 5 scenes: 900 words Mike “My Pillow Guy” Lindell: (Charlie) 6 scenes, 700 words Eric Trump (Happy) 5 scenes: 550 words Barack Obama (Ben): 2 scenes, 350 words Vladimir Putin (himself): 2 scenes, 200 words Kim Jong-un (himself): 1 scene, 200 words FBI agent: Any gender/age/race, 2 scenes, 150 words