Philadelphia, PA

George Sapio


Fault Lines

A robbery leads to revelations for three sisters: fragile Stazi, a forensic pathologist who is chronically single; Ginger, who’s “adventurous” past comes back to haunt her; and Theresa, a cigarette-smoking, foul-mouthed nun, who’s always been the stalwart sibling. Add in Ginger’s husband Shawn, whose battered ego and desperate attempt to make it as a chef further complicates matters. Sibling rivalry, pornography, a dead mother who’s still very much a potent presence, a handful of condoms, secret ingredients, and family secrets threaten to tear the sisters apart.

  • Cast Size: 1M 3W
  • Running Time: 90+ minutes
  • Published by Next Stage Press. Royalty Rate: $75 per performance


Anastasia – youngest sister, 40 Ginger – middle sister, 43 Theresa – oldest sister, 50 Shawn – Ginger's husband, 40-45