Templeton, CA

Dick Rogers

Hairdresser to the Dead

An early twenties Punk Rock hairdresser, abandoned as a baby in the 1970s, armed with only two nebulous clues, attempts to find her birth parents. With the possible name of her mother (Abigail) and a name on the back of the slip pinned to her bonnet, she takes temp jobs at various San Francisco businesses aligned with the name ‘Macy,’ hoping to get a better clue as to her father and mother’s identity. Once she has found her father, her mind is in flux as she weighs bringing him into her life…the result pending on his answer to one question.


CAST MALCOLM MACY: Owner of Macy’s Funeral Home, mid-forties. Pleasant, well-spoken, but somewhat of a phoney. VELMA CORT: Mid-seventies. A leftover from the early days of the funeral home. Dependable, reticent, but approachable. CASEY COURTNEY: Mid-twenties. Quite attractive, but a bit of a shocker. Pink hair with black stripes, and skimpy clothes belie the sensitive, intelligent person she really is. RACHEL SOBERS: Mid thirties. Attendant at the funeral home. Perky, somewhat harsh. MRS. BUELTON: Sixties. The wife of deceaased homicide detective Mr. William Buelton. Graying hair, respectable and dressed well. MASON BELL: Mid sixties. Partner of deceased detective Buelton. Friendly, inquisitive.