Pembroke Pines, VA

Alexandr Smith

Yes We Can

It’s a Wonderful Law & Order Life SVU (audio drama)

No man is a failure who has friends – in the right places. Ten years after George Bailey’s life was saved by his guardian angel, things in Bedford Falls are in a tailspin of blood, booze and bad decisions: A serial killer has bodies piling up like so much bad debt at the building and loan, when Mary Bailey is found strangled in the family home. Will the town once again rally to bail out Bailey, or must George dig deeper into his prayer jar to save his business, solve his wife’s murder, and keep Clarence from throwing him off the bridge himself?


GEORGE BAILEY: Local hero and owner of building and loan. UNCLE BILLY: George’s fumbling uncle and accountant at building and loan. ZUZU BAILEY: George and Mary’s sassy youngest child. Now 13 years old. BERT: Tough-talking, dim-witted investigator. JENSEN: Even-tempered, insightful female investigator. SAGEN: Lieutenant -- Bert and Jensen’s supervisor MEDICAL EXAMINER: No-nonsense NICK: Bartender SAM WAINWRIGHT: Drug and prostitution kingpin