New York, NY

Colby Poston

He, Him, His

My Brothers’ Brother

     It’s the beginning of rush season for the Kappa Omega, fraternity in Columbia, SC, and the tension is palpable. Will, Jon, and Hayden have spent the last year arguing against KO’s removal from campus in the wake of yet another frat accident.

    Miles and Laken, two new pledges, look to be promising additions to the brotherhood that could right this ship. Miles, a triple legacy belonging to a storied low-country southern legal dynasty, wields power he doesn’t yet understand— while Laken, a black student also from the low-country of South Carolina, arrives with determination to get ahead as he plays a game historically rigged against him. 

    His search for an eventual seat at the table leads him to make deceivingly breakable bonds with unforgettable friends. Lies and tragedy can bond or break brothers for life, but how strong are these convictions when they are threatened with their names and reputations— a precious and fragile commodity in the South.


Hayden - White Male, 22 (Senior) Jon - White Male, 21 (Junior) Laken - Black Male, 18 (Freshman) Miles - White Male, 18 (Freshman) Will - White Male, 21 (Senior)