Everett, WA / Iowa City, IA

Randy Jackson-Alvarenga


Stained Glass

Within the imposing halls of the Spencer Preparatory Boarding School, we follow Nathaniel Hodge, a young man stepping into an intimidating new world. As a new friendship begins to blossom into something more complex, we see Nathaniel as he is forced to confront his own truth.

But what happens when that truth can’t be easily accepted?

Stained Glass is the story of a young man’s journey to face his own reality against the backdrop of immense societal pressure. It explores themes of religion, forbidden love, and the fight for self-acceptance.


NATHANIEL HODGE(M 17)New student to Spencer Preparatory School. Junior. African American. GABRIEL MYERSON(M 18)Dormitory prefect at Spencer Prep. Senior. Caucasian. DONOVAN "DON" DAVIS(M 17) Nathaniel's roommate at Spencer Prep. Junior. Caucasian. MR.PAGE(M Early 50s)Headmaster of the Spencer Preparatory School for Boys. Caucasian. CHELSEA ROSE(F 17)student at nearby all-girls school Wakefield Academy. Caucasian.