Templeton, CA

Dick Rogers

The Johnny Crisp Case




Sergeant Willie Gleason, an aging, cynical, veteran homicide detective, is being interviewed by an L.A. Times reporter on his celebrated, but controversial, career in homicide.  Requiring that the reporter meet with him at the Code Four Bar, a cop watering hole, Gleason unravels a perplexing case involving a fifteen-year old who was murdered and buried under the parents bedroom. To arrive at the truth, which trumps justice in this case, he resorts to a method never attempted, much less approved, to flesh out the facts.


The cast consists of four speaking roles



CHARACTERS Fergus O’Brien Bartender of Code Four bar. Medically retired cop, with a “been there, done that” attidtude. Late fifties. Willie Gleason Seasoned, cynical homicide detective/sergeant , outspoken,, sure of himself and street savvy. Late sixties. Bill Mathis L.A. Times reporter, easy going, mid thirties Sydney Crisp Troubled brother of Johnny Crisp (deceased), mid thirties