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The Robin Hoods




The Robin Hoods



Richard Ferguson, at age 79, lives on fumes of days past. A man of mystery, he returns to Boston after decades of self-imposed exile in the wilds of Alaska. While in Boston, he agrees to appear in a special telecast on exceptional teachers honoring Ferguson’s brother. While waiting in the WBZ Green Room, he meets another man who now lives in Ferguson’s former haunts, Whiskey Point in Brookline. This man, Fred Nelson, also appears to be shrouded in mystery, yet there is a strained,  convoluted  camaraderie  between the two. Eventually, Nelson,  suspects that Ferguson may be involved in a mysterious homicide involving an aunt of one of Ferguson’s boyhood friends.. He also learns that Ferguson was one of three pre-teen youths who found a horde of gold coins in an estate area, during the late 1940s. Just as Nelson is called into the television studio for the taping,  he feels he is on the verge of  getting  Ferguson to tell him why he mysteriously left for Alaska, decades before. When Nelson enters the studio, Ferguson drifts off in a slumber that takes him back to the time of the coin discovery. We learn that the three boys, The Robin Hoods, existed in a world of nearly feral experiences in the woods and ponds of a private estate area they embraced as their own Sherwood Forest. 

Ferguson, in his dream, relives the details of discovering the hidden gold horde and during a wait in a thicket to avoid being spotted on the private reserve,  the young Ferguson learns about the murder of  his pal’s aunt. He awakens on Nelson’s return to the Green Room. They continue their discussion during which Nelson learns enough to know that whatever caused Ferguson to leave Massachusetts must have been an act cloaked in necessity and courage.. Although Nelson assumes Ferguson is probably a wanted man, he assigns a higher value to the sense of trust that has emerged in their discussion. As the final scene closes, and Nelson is about to leave, Ferguson places a five-dollar gold coin in his hand, the last remnant of the Robin Hoods’ discovery. Nelson, in turn, gives him his card, which identifies him as a retired detective/lieutenant with the Massachusetts State Police. He wishes Ferguson well on his return to the bush.


CHARACTERS Richard Ferguson (Richie) A fit, older gentleman, age 79 Fred Nelson A similar character, age 78 Richie Ferguson Richard Ferguson as a 12 year old, the leader of his little troop Frankie Sullivan (Lump Lump) Somewhat clumsy, dependent, age 11 Edgar Costello (Eggy) Irascible, but dependable street urchin, age 12 Chief of Police and Narrator Standard issue small town cop, age 60s William Berger Boston Globe newspaper reporter, age 50s Marlene Contreau Wealthy, waspish mystery woman, age 70s Non speaking: TV woman (green room) age 30s