Catherine Stewart

she, her, hers

You, Me, and the Woodsmoke

Julianne and Margo try to rekindle their friendship with a long weekend camping at Forest Hills State Park. As a result of frustration with each other the women find themselves alone in the woods where Julianne welcomes Daryl, a straight-talking, disdainful black bear with an interest in social psychology, into her campsite and Margo stumbles upon Roadie, a distantly familiar curmudgeon from a music festival the women went to as students. Their encounters mingle with the woodsmoke to unearth a clarity that neither woman has been willing to face before.


JULIANNE, late 30s / early 40s, female. MARGO, late 30s / early 40s, female. PIZZA PERSON, any age, any gender DARYL, black bear - purposefully not gendered. ROADIE, any age, any gender.