Chatham, MA

Michele Clarke


YOURS EVER – The Rise of Isabella Stewart Gardner

The story of Isabella Stewart Gardner’s rise to fame is more heartbreaking than the heist, and more beautiful than the greatest treasure in her museum. This is how it starts. Excerpt of a full-length play . Opening 15 pages.


JOHN LOWELL GARDNER JR. / JACK (ages 28 to 49). The scion of three Boston Brahmin families. DOCTOR HENRY JACOB BIGELOW (early 40s). The most revered surgeon in Boston. ISABELLA STEWART GARDNER / BELLE (ages 25 to 48). Vivacious, free-spirited and mischievous. BUTLER (ages early 30s-early 50s). Exceptionally talented. Principled. Sees everything. JOHN SINGER SARGENT (ages 30 to 32). In professional exile after intense ridicule for his sexually charged portrait, Madame X. HENRY JAMES (43). Successful novelist and longtime friend of Belle.