Core Apprentice Program

Core Apprentice Program

Playwrights’ Center’s Core Apprentice program is offered in partnership with the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival. At least one slot each year is reserved for a KCACTF awardee. Each year Playwrights’ Center will offer fully funded play development workshops for three student playwrights combined with a nine-month mentorship with a professional playwright. Previous mentors have included Pearl Cleage, Rajiv Joseph, Nathan Alan Davis, Chay Yew, Daniel Alexander Jones, and Charly Evon Simpson.

Playwrights’ Center IS NOT currently accepting applications for the Core Apprentice program.

Applications for the next Core Apprentice term will open in September 2024 and close 2/7/25.

The cycle of the next open Core Apprentice term will run from July 2025 through June 2026.

If you would like to be notified via email when the Core Apprentice application becomes available, please email Shalee Cole Mauleón at


Any current student (graduate or undergraduate) or recent grad from a New Plays on Campus (NPOC) Member School may apply for the Core Apprentice program. Recent grads are eligible to apply for the Core Apprentice program up to one year after they graduate. This means that anyone who graduated in 2023 from a New Plays on Campus school is eligible to apply for the 2024-25 Core Apprentice program. 

A photo of Kandace James and Marcela Michelle sitting in the audience of the theater. Marcela Michelle is pointing a pencil and saying something to the cast on stage.

The top twelve to fifteen rated students after the first round of review will be contacted in May 2024 for the full script of their play, which will then be read by a panel of Playwrights’ Center Fellows. The three writers selected for the Core Apprentice development experience will receive: a professional mentorship with an established playwright who will read the student’s work, provide career advice, and serve as a connection to the field; recognition on the Playwrights’ Center website and consulting opportunities with Playwrights’ Center artistic staff; Playwrights’ Center Membership for two years; professional development and educational opportunities; an intensive workshop with professional actors, a dramaturg, and a director; a $600 stipend for the workshop sometime between March-June 2025. Applicants do not need to be residents of Minnesota. Past recipients of the Core Apprenticeship are ineligible to apply again.


Evaluators will weigh your application materials as follows: Script – 30% Artistic Statement – 40% Commitment to Using Resources (based on statement, letters, sample, and resume/bio) for the program (based on artistic statement, letter, sample, and resume) – 30%

The panel will adjudicate your Artistic Statement based on their understanding of where it fits in the trajectory of your career, from student to professional playwright. Articulate your awareness of what is being offered and how it pairs with your goals and readiness to participate.

The panel will adjudicate your Script Sample as a compelling exploration of the theatrical form for the stage.

The panel will adjudicate your Suitability for the Program based on the potential for transformative experience, your willingness to collaborate within a cohort of playwrights, and how aligned your practice as a playwright/work is with the Center’s values.

When I think about the Playwright’s Center, the words that come to mind are community and artistic family. The Core Apprentice Program is a haven for emerging playwrights to receive support and mentorship as they navigate the professional world of playwriting. The people who work at the Playwrights Center are generous, kind, and deeply connected to the theater industry. They are fully present and want the best for each playwright who enters their space.

Christin Eve Cato
Core Apprentice, 2021-22


NOTE: The primary language used by evaluators during the selection process is English. If text is intentionally written not in English, a line of context would be helpful to an evaluator. Playwrights’ Center acknowledges this is an ethnocentric practice and hopes to expand access in the future. While most Fellowship activities and engagements are conducted in English, Playwrights’ Center staff are available to discuss additional support and resources as necessary.

Application form

Includes contact details, eligibility, and demographic information

Playwriting Resumé

A professional resumé must include details of your work and education in any legible format. This may also include life experiences that are relevant to this opportunity.

Artistic Statement

This is a one-page artistic statement written by you describing how the Core Apprenticeship (which includes a nine-month mentorship, career development and educational opportunities, and a professional workshop) would be transformative for you as an artist. What goals would you hope to achieve by the end of this apprenticeship?

Script Sample

Please submit a 15- to 25-page sample of a full-length script you have written. Full-length plays are defined as those that run at least 45 minutes  in performance. Please include a brief play synopsis and casting description at the beginning of the sample, and make sure your name and the play title are on the cover page. All script submissions must be written only by the applicant—no co-written submissions will be accepted. Scripts for musicals may be submitted by the book writer only. If you advance to the finalist round, you will be asked for the full script, but please only submit a play for which you have a complete, full-length draft. 

Letter of Recommendation

Please request a letter of recommendation from a faculty member or other individual who is familiar with your work as a playwright. This letter should detail why you would benefit from a Core Apprenticeship at this time, your strengths as a writer, and areas in which you have room for growth in your craft. You will be requesting your letter through the link below. You may request a letter through the application system before finishing your final application. We suggest that you open your application in Slideroom early and identify the person who will share their letter of recommendation. Please allow 2-4 weeks for your recommender to complete their letter. Letters of recommendation from previous Core Apprentice applications may be submitted. If you would like to use a letter from a previous year, please reach out to Shalee Cole Mauleón at least two weeks before the deadline. 

Note: You will need to make a SlideRoom account in order to apply. If you are a Playwrights’ Center member, your login will not automatically log you in to SlideRoom—they are two different systems. If you already have a SlideRoom account, you should be able to access the application using your existing login. For a video tutorial on using SlideRoom, please click here.

The recording of last cycle’s information session is available on the right.

Questions may be addressed to University Programs and Partnerships Associate Shalee Mae Cole Mauleón at